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Present Moment

This has been an odd day -- nothing really came out as planned, but it was all fine because I was able to stay in the present moment. I had to cancel my morning class and a trip to see my son in a play -- the only chance I had to see it in this run. Right now I have a heating pad on my back trying to prevent a backache after shoveling some very heavy snow (despite all the hard work, I still can't get my car out of the driveway), and I've got ice on my bruised and bloody finger, which got pinched in a closet door. Although the pinched finger hurt like heck and was the last in a line of insults, I was actually able to laugh when it happened. Even though I would have preferred to have things turn out differently, I was able to stay on an even keel all day. None of these things upset me, which was good since there wasn't anything I could do to change the circumstances. What good would fussing and complaining do? Or feeling guilty? It was what it was. 

And it wasn't all bad. Being snowed in gave me some extra time to pack for my retreat to Costa Rica, which starts in just three days. A day that was supposed to be jam-packed with busyness turned out to be somewhat relaxing (except for the snow-shoveling, back ache, and bloody finger). Learning to stay calm and centered in all circumstances is a recurring theme in my classes, but we did extra work on that topic this week -- perhaps better preparing me for this day. When we're in a pose that really challenges our bodies and minds, we have a chance to work at creating greater equanimity. We can use our breath to stay in the moment and not be overwhelmed by physical sensations or the fearful chatter of the mind. We don't have to get involved in any stories that the mind wants to spin. We can stay present and open to fully experience whatever comes. Then we can use those same skills in our lives. 

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