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Listening Meditation


I took a walk on this beautiful day, and as soon as I stepped outside I heard a symphony of birds. There were layers and layers of bird songs, so I decided to simply focus on listening during my walk. Sometimes I heard the sound as a whole, and at other times a certain sound would stand out for a moment, and then another would take its place. As I continued to walk, my ears seemed to open wider. In addition to the birds, I heard laughter in the distance, children playing, airplanes, someone coughing, a bee buzzing, dogs barking, the sound of my footsteps. All of the sounds seemed to be unusually rich. I was amazed at the musical quality that rang out from two children's voices as they played in their yard. As cars passed, I heard the sound of rubber rolling over the smooth pavement -- it was not unpleasant. Even the sound of a lawnmower, which I usually abhor, didn't bother me a bit. I noticed at least three different sounds coming out of that one machine. 

It was not until I noticed a couple of "Tea Party" placards in someone's yard that my mind started to run off on a tangent, and I realized that up until that moment I was completely absorbed in the world of sound. My mind was quiet, calm, and non-judgmental. I was in a state of meditation. Give it a try sometime -- you can do this indoors or out -- wherever there is sound. Notice any grasping toward sounds you deem pleasant, or any revulsion to sounds that you have decided that you do not like. As you become more and more absorbed, does this change? 

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