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Green Tip


Why not take advantage of the power of the sun to dry your clothes outside? In my neighborhood, the homeowner's association doesn't allow clotheslines (something that I hope will change soon), but you can buy folding racks at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Costco, Target, etc. While I can't put sheets on these racks, I can dry everything else including towels, which saves a lot of energy compared to using the automatic clothes dryer. On a hot summer day, clothes can dry pretty quickly. Towels will come out looking more crispy than fluffy, but they will still be soft to use, and the smell of clothing dried in fresh air is fantastic!

Sandy Pradas

Taking on Other People's Problems

Lately I've been frustrated by a few loved ones who've been walking headfirst, eyes wide open, into a bad idea. The fact that it's a bad idea is usually obvious to everyone except the person involved. Family and friends circle the wagons and try to help, but often the person isn't interested and continues down his or her own path. Sound familiar?

One of my favorite benefits of yoga is that it enables us to see ourselves. The "witness" or silent observer part of our consciousness, which is usually obscured by the busy mind, begins to come forth as we tame the mind through focused practice, breathing, and meditation. The witness is like that deep, quiet friend that never gets a chance to be heard over the loud, chatty ones. As the witness comes forth, suddenly we can see ourselves very clearly. 

Our shadow sides come up: "I'm acting out of jealousy." "I'm being greedy." "I want all the attention." 

Our goodness is evident: "I really want what's best for him." "I want to help." "I'm so full of love." 

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