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Fall Care

This morning I was out walking in the crisp, fresh air and I couldn't help but notice that the earth (at least in this area) is in a state of transition. Most obvious: the air is colder and lacks humidity. There aren't as many bird songs. Some trees are still green, others have changed to beautiful hues of gold and orange, and many have shed their leaves completely. The ground is harder, and the color of the sky is different. The earth is preparing for winter. 

The onCIMG0445set of winter affects us as well, and we need to care for ourselves accordingly. Cold weather and lack of humidity can make us feel more stiff and achey, so it's very important to increase hydration and circulation from the inside out. How do we do this? 

1. Move. Practice yoga, take a brisk walk, put on some music and dance. . . whatever gets you out of your chair. Moving the body will increase circulation, lubrication, and flow of nutrients throughout the body that will create ease of movement and good health. It will also help fend off seasonal depression and stress. Yoga is particularly good, as the various movements create a "squeezing and soaking" effect the nourishes our bodies on a cellular level. Here's the deal: The less you move, the less you will be able to move, so resist the urge to hibernate.

History in the Making

America has elected Barack Obama to be our next president. Whether you supported Obama or not, I think we all have to acknowledge that this is indeed a special moment in our country's history. Looking at the elections from a yogic perspective, my heart is glad because I see evidence of personal and spiritual growth at work. This kind of growth starts on an individual level and ripples out to affect families, communities, nations, and eventually the world. 

The reasons that people chose to vote for Obama are many and varied, but I see a country wanting to turn away from war, from intolerance, and negativity as signs of a collective consciousness wanting to move toward peace and cooperation. And most striking, the people of the United States -- including the majority of white voters -- have decided that the best man for the job is a black man. Considering that in the not too distant past a black person in this country was denied basic human rights, this is indeed an astounding example of spiritual growth, of moving toward a more enlightened society. Not only did voters decide that he is the best man for the job, but they are truly excited by this man and his message of change and hope. 

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