Letters from God


Meditative writing is a technique that works wonders for me when I need clarification or direction. I keep a notebook that I call "Letters from God," and when I'm stumped by life or overwhelmed by a situation, I bring it to my meditation cushion. Here's how it works: I write down the question, e.g., "What should I do about this situation?" Then I set it aside and get into a comfortable position and start focusing on ujjayi breathing, (click here to learn ujjayi) bringing myself to a quiet, meditative state so that my mind is out of the way. I wait until I hear the inner sound of my own name being called, which signals that the answer is coming. Then I pick up the pen and paper and write down my name and whatever comes next. There's no thinking, no doubting -- just writing. I'm always amazed at how the answer flows out and how helpful it is. It's also helpful every now and then to go back and read my old letters. 

Try this technique for yourself. Remember -- don't think. You want the answer to come from deep within, not from the mind. 


Sandy Pradas

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