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Joyful Heart Yoga classes focus on Kripalu yoga — a meditation in motion — and include elements of yoga therapy as well. We practice classic yoga postures combined with deep breathing exercises that will both stretch and strengthen the body as well as calm and quiet the mind. We normally work at a moderate pace — not too vigorous, but not too gentle either. We move slowly in and out of the postures for safe alignment and hold them long enough to feel the benefits and build up strength. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own level, and modifications are given to help each person find the posture in their body. The classes start with a gentle warm-up, move to deeper work, and end with a blissful, peaceful relaxation. We also offer retreats in beautiful locations around the world.

In this blog, you’ll find inspiration to help you meet life’s challenges, tips to ease your aches and pains, fantastic travel opportunities, recipes, and advice for healthy living. If you’re near The Woodlands, Texas, check out my class schedule, and if you’re interested in joining us for one of my famous Joyful Heart Yoga vacations, check out the travel section for info on my trips to Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, Santa Barbara, and Virginia.

My blog will cover topics such as:

  • making yoga work for your body
  • applying yoga concepts to your daily life
  • Joyful Heart Yoga retreats and vacations
  • travel packing tips
  • dealing with jet lag
  • clothes for travel
  • healthy recipes
  • product reviews

In the future, I plan to offer video downloads of my yoga classes here, so stay tuned!

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