Stretch Your Hips!

Most people that I’ve seen have tight hips, and it’s vital that you keep stretching your hips to keep those muscles supple. We get tight hips from the activities that we do, and we also get tight hips from sitting too much. If we live with our tightness, it eventually starts to wreak havoc throughout the entire body. The tight hip muscles shorten and start to pull on your back muscles. The back muscles shorten and pull on shoulders and neck. The short, tight hips also start to pull on the hamstrings, quads, IT band, and eventually calves and bottoms of your feet, causing plantar fasciitis. In my private practice, I’ve seen numerous people come limping in with one leg literally shorter than the other. Once I help them release the hips with positional release, the legs even out.

So take care of your hips. Stretch the hip muscles after you workout, whether you are hiking, biking, running, dancing, playing tennis, basketball, or anything else. And stretch the hips after long periods of sitting. I’ve devised this¬†short routine that will stretch all of the muscles around the hips and even bring some energy and nourishment to the joints. Do it often and you’ll notice a difference. If you have any questions about the postures, please ask.


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