Packing Light: Non-Liquid Toiletries for Your Carry-On Bag

So far all of my efforts to pack light are foiled by toiletries. I need a lot of lotions for my dry, sensitive skin (not to mention gallons of sunscreen), and there’s no way to fit them into a quart-size baggie. But that’s all changed — I found lots of non-liquid toiletries to replace those liquids, and I plan to pack carry-on only. Not only am I saving space in my suitcase, I’m saving space in my bathroom as I’ve replaced lots of jars and bottles with fewer items that have less packaging. And the best part? Many of these items are natural and free of the harmful chemicals and strong detergents that were in my liquid products.

I put it all on video for you, and the list of everything that I tested is under the video. Some are available on my shop page, and otherwise I’ll direct you to an appropriate page where you can find these items. If you have any favorites to add to this list, please let me know in the comment section below this post.



Neutrogena Sunscreen Stick, spf 70

ColoreScience Sunforgettable Mineral Powder, spf 50

TravelSonic Travel Toothbrush (not in video, but I use this for travel)

GoToob 2 oz,    GoToob 3 oz

Shampoo Bars I   Shampoo Bars II  Shampoo Bars III

Citric Acid

Soap    More Soap

Soap Saver Bag

Magic Mitt Makeup Remover

Cocoa Butter Stick

Raw, Organic Cocoa Butter (1 lb)

Goat’s Milk Stuff Solid Lotion

Ascorbic Acid

GloMineral Pressed Base Foundation

IT Celebration Foundation

Bare Minerals Blemish Therapy


4 thoughts on “Packing Light: Non-Liquid Toiletries for Your Carry-On Bag

  1. Sandy Pradas Post author

    I just thought of a couple things that I left out of the video:

    1. I also use baking soda as a mouthwash — just put a little in a cup and add water.

    2. I’ve found that the easiest way to use shampoo bars with hard water is to use them as conditioner. I use a sulphate/phosphate-free shampoo that I get at Sally’s (One n’ Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo) and then a bar. I get better results than with regular shampoo/conditioner but not quite as good as when I can use just the shampoo bar. For those in Alexandria, I was able to use shampoo bars with no problems when I lived there, but my water is much harder out here.

  2. Sandy Pradas Post author

    Just got another tip about baking soda from a friend who lives at sea and has to not only pack light, but live light: “I thought of something else that I use baking soda for. You can remove splinters with it as well. I have had splinters when in exotic places, and they can be very annoying. You just make a baking soda paste and put it on a Band-Aid and hold it over the area for a while… They say 24 hours but I have found you can do it for far less. The baking soda paste will cause the skin to swell and push the splinter out. It’s best used after other methods, since it will make the other methods (tape, tweezer, needle) more difficult because your skin will be slightly swollen.”

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