Face Yoga Teacher Training

Do you have a passion to help others look and feel better? Are you an esthetician, yoga, pilates, or qigong instructor, massage therapist or holistic medicine or healthcare practitioner who would like to include face yoga in your services? Would you like to start a face yoga practice to share it with others in your community? 

Train to be a face yoga teacher with me! I am a super trainer accredited by Danielle Collins, the world’s leading face yoga expert. The Certificate of Achievement in The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method is approved and accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists and allows you to teach face yoga classes and workshops. This training is available to everyone — no previous experience is required.

Course content includes:
• anatomy and physiology of the face
• theory, science and tradition of face yoga
• face exercise
• face massage
• face acupressure
• relaxation
• meditation, breathing and affirmation techniques
• wellbeing, nutrition and sleep tips
• how to teach a face yoga class, workshop and private session
• safety procedures
• setting up your business. 

Once you complete the course and pass the exams, you will become a certified face yoga teacher and be part of our Danielle Collins face yoga family, which includes over 1,000 teachers in over 50 different countries.  

There are two different training options depending on your needs and learning style:

1. Distance Learning
This is the perfect option if you like learning on your own time and at your own pace. It also works well if you prefer to be in the comfort of your own home and can’t or don’t want to travel. You will receive your teacher training manual via email, which you can enjoy reading in your own time. The manual includes diagrams and pictures, and you will be directed to a video of each exercise to help you along. The manual is very clear, detailed, and self-explanatory, and I am here to answer any questions that come up during your studies. After you have done a minimum of 12 hours of home study, you will complete a written exam and email it to me. We will then schedule a 30-minute zoom call where you will have a 10-minute practical exam and then ask me any questions you have about teaching. After passing both exams, you will receive your certification. $555

2. One-to-One
One-to-one training is a great option if you learn best on an individual basis. You can do this training either via Zoom or in person. Before your training you will be emailed the manual and asked to do a minimum of 5 hours of home study. Then you will spend 7 hours in training with me, usually in 2 half days. You will have plenty of time for questions and you can spend more or less time on certain lessons according to your needs. At the end of the training you will do a short practical assignment and then you will complete the written assignment on your own and email it to me. After passing both exams, you will receive your certification.

Ready to sign up? Have questions? Contact me here.