Natural Mosquito Repellent & Hot Flash Spray

It’s that time of year in Virginia: I cannot sit in my yard for a minute before being attacked by mosquitos. Since it’s an everyday thing, I don’t want to use harsh chemicals on my skin but it’s important not to get bit since mosquitos can carry viruses or infect you with parasites. Therefore, I need a natural mosquito repellent.

mosquito haven

My yard is a mosquito haven

My favorite nook in the yard seems to be a favorite for mosquitos too. I’ve tried some natural brands of mosquito repellent like California Baby, and I’ve tried Avon’s Skin So Soft, but the mosquitos seem to think about it for 10 seconds, and then they start chomping away. So I made my own spray with essential oils, and it works great for me and I think it smells good, too. Mosquitos sometimes circle around, but they will not land on me. A side benefit is that it feels cooling to the skin, so it’s good for a hot day or for women who are dealing with hot flashes.

This recipe creates a cool, slightly tingly feeling on the skin. If you feel that it’s too much for you, add a little more water. Make it in small batches so it stays fresh.

Sandy’s Mosquito Repellent & Hot Flash Spray

Into a small spray bottle, pour the following:

20 drops of peppermint oil

10 drops of lemon oil

4 drops of clary sage oil

4 tablespoons of water 


It is important to use pure essential oils — not fragrance oils. Personally, I don’t like to buy my oils in stores because they may have been sitting there so long that they are no longer fresh and effective. You can tell by the smell if they are old. I order online from Floracopeia or Green Valley in Canada, and have only received top-quality oils from those places.

You can also protect yourself from mosquitos by wearing long sleeves and long pants to cover your skin. Where I live, most mosquitos are a nuisance, but some carry the West Nile virus. In areas where there are more mosquito-borne illnesses (as well as those carried by other insects), it is extremely important not to get bit, so I recommend covering up and even using deet in places where there is serious risk. (Try to spray the deet on your clothes rather than your skin.) I don’t like chemicals, but in some cases, the cure for a parasitic infection can be much worse than exposure to deet. When traveling, it’s smart to find out ahead of time what you might be exposed to and take preventive measures.

If you have a method that works for mosquitos or hot flashes, please share it with us here or on my Facebook page. (See “F” in upper righthand corner of this page.)

This post is not intended as medical advice. Please see my disclaimer.

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