A Reset Button for Our Minds

For three full days, we had no internet, TV, or phone service. On the first day, I called customer service and was told that there was an area outage and to just wait 24 – 48 hours. After that, I called again and was told that the first person wasn’t correct; there was something wrong with our modem. This representative told me to unplug it and plug it back in. Nothing happened, so the next day a real live person came to the house. He picked up the modem, held the reset button for 10 seconds, and everything started flowing again. I won’t get into the fact that it would have been nice if the first customer service person knew about the reset button, but wouldn’t it be great if we had a reset button for our minds?

Imagine that when our thoughts are carrying us away at night, we could just hit a button to stop them. Or if we could hit a reset button when we’re stuck in the habit of negative thinking —either thinking we’re not good enough, or that there’s no point in trying because we’re just going to fail, or focusing on what’s wrong and ignoring all of the things that are right. Press the button and bam! — back to neutral — back to the present moment without all of the coloring, labeling, and baggage that the mind added to the situation. Now we have a fresh start, and energy can start flowing again.

There is something called the Sacred Pause that could be considered a reset button of sorts. When you catch yourself in the middle of uncontrolled monkey mind, or when you’re on a tangent of negativity, just stop. For a moment, come to a complete stop — mind & body — and take a breath. This small space that you just gave yourself is often enough to reset yourself. If you’re really going at it, you might need to take several Sacred Pauses. It doesn’t matter how many it takes to get you back on track. Doing this is good training, and it gets easier with time to reign yourself back in and start fresh.

Start playing with this reset button today and see what happens. When you start internal or external complaining, criticizing, comparing — all of those things that make us miserable — take a Sacred Pause. Come to a full stop and breathe. Then move on.

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