Gentle Shoulder Exercises

Stiff, achey shoulders are as common as a stiff, achey neck. The shoulder joint is probably the most unstable joint in the body, and the muscles get short and tight from sitting at a desk, poor posture, repetitive movements, and overuse. Many people find themselves getting “frozen shoulder” as they age. But don’t despair. You can do a lot to prevent and improve shoulder issues by taking daily breaks to safely move your joints and stretch your muscles. Follow this short video and see how much better you feel! During the day, notice if your shoulders tend to creep up around your ears. If so, relax them down. Notice if you tend to use your shoulder instead of your upper back and arm muscles when you do your daily tasks. Changing bad habits and adding good habits will give you more freedom in your body and a better quality of life.


2 thoughts on “Gentle Shoulder Exercises

  1. Irina

    Thank you, Sandy! You have such a soothing voice, and I also love the serene color of the background you chose for your videos!

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