Yoga in an Airplane Seat

With airplane seats getting smaller and smaller, it’s getting more difficult to move at all, yet it’s still possible to do yoga in an airplane seat. In fact, you can do yoga anywhere! Flying can cause lots of aches and pains, as our joints are frozen at 90-degree angles and circulation is reduced, so it’s extremely important to do what you can to keep your blood circulating. I’ve put a 10-minute stretching routine at the end of this post that you can do in coach class. Sure, your seat mates might think you’re a little strange, but maybe they’ll give you more space! Or better yet, maybe they’ll want to do the routine with you.

A few other tips for flying:

1. Bring a tennis ball on board. Put this under your thigh or under your rear-end when your legs start to get tired. It will relieve pressure, give you a little massage, and create better circulation.

2. Wear compression socks. These socks prevent blood clots and help circulate the blood in your calves so you won’t be as likely to have swelling when you get off the plane. Here’s a link to the ones I have: Travel Sox

3. Take “No Jet Lag” or “Jet Zone.” These are homeopathic remedies for jet lag that I find helps reduce swelling even on shorter flights. Again, here’s a link: No Jet Lag.

4. Drink plenty of water. Even if it means making more trips to the bathroom, you will feel a lot better if you keep yourself hydrated.

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Happy Travels!

2 thoughts on “Yoga in an Airplane Seat

  1. Beth

    Dear Sandy,
    This is terrific. I loved following your demonstration and find it so practical and useful. Thank you for creativity and expertise in sharing this.

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